Shades of blue

"I have late night conversations with the moon... 
He tells me about the the sun
and I tell him about you."




Connie Marina Photography ©

How it all began


Here are some snapshots from the hike up to the Griffith Observatory in L.A! It was such an incredible late afternoon in the Griffith observatory (such a popular area)! There were whirlwinds of locals and tourists hiking their way up to get the full view of the gorgeous city, and seas of green that went on for miles up in the Hollywood Hills. 

 There were seas of green that went on for miles up in the Hollywood Hills.


Traveling gives me so much inspiration. Being in Cali made me feel so alive, and made me yearn to live there one day. But traveling is only one genre that rejuvenates me.

 It all began with my discovery of books and stories as a child. I remember delving into novels and being completely mesmerized with history books and vintage stories of the past. I wasn't able to read as much as I had liked to, being that there were other pressing matters at hand, but reading and visualizing the stories was always something that so possessed my soul. I fell in love with sad, but beautiful things, and it seemed that I would always be lost in those worlds forever.

Late college I ended up falling in love with traveling, and once I did, I couldn't get enough of it. I found that I was able to discover.. create more of myself every time I did. They all intertwined at one point, and capturing/creating stories through Photography became how I expressed these ardent loves in life. These 3 things made me overwhelmed with the possibilities of life could offer me, and actually see how much you grow if you truly delve into the passions you have in life--which goes to show that you don't find yourself in life, you truly create yourself.

This being said, I am nowhere near where I'd like to be creatively, but I hope this year can be one of truly unraveling myself.  I'd like to feel as free as I did standing on top of The Griffith Observatory, with the feeling that I could conquer the world, and nothing would hold me back. 

I hope wherever you are in your life, that you also feel free.


Connie Marina Photography ©


West Coast Girl



Joshua Tree was such a beautiful experience. We left in the evening to make sure we'd be able to explore as much as we could in our time there. There were miles of jagged rocks that we could easily climb, and we lept from rock to rock to see more of the rugged terrain. There was harsh wind and our eyes watered from the piercing cold that ripped through the desert. Twilight sank in and we could see the shadowy silhouettes of the cactus while the dazzling sun set into breathtaking views of violet, amber, and purple. I always wish we could've spend more time here. I'll always be in love with California.. through and through.


Connie Marina Photography ©

You are the moon



Some time ago, a couple of my photographer friends and I headed down to a trip where we spent the days with wild horses, and the nights in haunted places. Here are some of the lovely pictures taken of my beautiful friend Sarah in the dark and gloomy hotel we stayed in.


Model and friend: Sarah Allen

Location: St. Mary's, GA.


Connie Marina Photography ©

Sapphire Rose


Roses, summer and golden rings,
Music, dances, books and plays,
Venice and moonlight and future days.


Connie Marina Photography ©




"We're going to see new things and go places. We're going to lead amazing lives."


Connie Marina Photography ©